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Are You the Right Fit for the Power Over OCD Program?

This program isn't for everyone. But if you are the type of person with the type of OCD that fits well with this program- we are totally confident we will blow your mind with the results we get you that far surpass just helping you relieve the OCD...

Power Over OCD Program 2.0 Perfect Fit!

You obviously do NOT have to match all of these characteristics. However, the more you and your OCD situation fit these criterion, the better our program will work for you! 

Nothing Else Has Worked

Have you tried ERP, ACT, CBT, medication, or any other traditional treatments, researched OCD yourself, or maybe even done ALL of the above and nothing has worked for you in the way you want? If you are beginning to feel like beating OCD is impossible for you because nothing ever works, then these innovative methods you won't find anywhere else may be just what you are looking for. In this program you will learn how to design your subconscious mind with the thoughts and emotions you want without needing to do exposures or the rely on conventional methods. Instead you will gain the power to heal yourself through unlocking the power of your mind!

High Achiever

Do you want to achieve as much as you can in life? Are you self driven but oftentimes your goals and dreams become a prison that traps you making you feel far from the perfection you need to be? Do you want to maximize your mind and mental health not just find a simple relief? Have you accomplished a lot of great things in your life which makes you even more frustrated when your drive and determination doesn't work for your OCD?

This program is designed exactly for you and will teach you how to channel this drive towards creating the greatest freedom, aliveness, success, and mental mastery you dream of!

Hungry (even STARVING for change)

Are DONE with being trapped in your OCD?! Have you hid your suffering, but deep inside you are aching and starving for the freedom, confidence, and ability to live life happy and on your own terms? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to do so? 

Then you are in exactly the right place to get better results than you think possible. If you are willing to put in the work and commit to a process, then we will provide that same level of commitment to you and your success as well as provide a process that actually works however much you apply it!

Love Learning

Do you want more than just a simple fix that relieves some of the suffering? Do you want to actually learn all you can about the OCD (what is actually causing it that you have probably never heard before), your psychology, and everything you can, to create actual freedom and power over your life? Then you will love this program.

We will teach you everything you need to know about yourself and mind to overcome not just OCD, but other suffering, bad habits, limitations, other mental illness etc. and to create and experience your dream life mentally and emotionally!


We have helped people that are not religious and this program has the strategies and information you need to get the results regardless of (lack of) religious beliefs. HOWEVER, throughout the program there are occasional religious strategies taught that will enhance your power over the OCD. David Jones, the founder of Mental Freedom, is very Christian. Thus, if you are Christian, David will love to teach you everything through the lense of Jesus Christ and his healing power, faith, etc.! If you are not Christian, simply having a belief in God or a higher power will also be helpful although not required. 

If you want more information on if you and your OCD are the right fit for this program, schedule a FREE consultation below! 

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