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What products and services do we offer?

1 on 1 coaching over zoom to give you the insight and strategies to help you through the steps of overcoming anxiety. 

Lifetime access to an online video course taking you, in-depth, through the steps of overcoming anxiety. It includes hours of videos, action steps to help you apply the things you learn, bonuses, and personal access (through email) to Mental Freedom coach, David Jones, to answer your questions and provide additional assistance.

What if I am not getting the results I want?

Does the coaching involve religious views and ideologies?

David Jones is very Christian and has found great success in helping people overcome anxiety through Jesus Christ. However, if you are not Christian or even religious at all, he will teach you the science, applicable skills, and strategies necessary to help you while leaving out religion. The video course discusses Christ and teachings about Him. However, according to your religious beliefs, you can replace Christ with Karma, the Universe, destiny, yourself, your superconscious, or whatever is in line with your beliefs.

How long does it take to see results?

Know that the strategies sometimes take practice and consistent implementation before seeing great results. Keep applying the strategies and reach out to Mental Freedom Coach, David Jones, for additional assistance and he will help you remove the obstacles preventing your success and give you personal help to ensure your success. 

You may also contact us to get your money back if you are not happy with your results. If this happens we would love your feedback so we can know how to improve and better help other people. But this is not required for a full refund.

The video course is a 2-month program and we guarantee massive results in that amount of time. Expect to overcome 90+% of the negative effects of the anxiety in that time with total healing coming from continued implementation of the strategies. 

Learn powerful strategies to help you begin combatting anxiety in the very first coaching session or in the very first week of the video course!

What if I want the coaching but can't afford it?

What types of strategies does Mental Freedom Coaching

Message us with any financial concerns and we will help you set up a payment plan where we break up the payment into 3, 6, or even 12 months! You can also schedule just a 30 min session (only $25) our coach will help you in every way he can in that amount of time. David has helped people take great strides in overcoming social anxiety, the anxiety of failure, performance anxiety, etc. in just a single session!

We are dedicated to helping everyone overcome anxiety so if you are not able to afford our prices, reach out to us and we will figure something out.

We give you the strategies to change your thoughts, emotions, behavior, beliefs and give you a greater understanding of the power of your mind, body, and subconscious. We combine these in the most powerful strategies to help you change your experience and overcome anxiety at any moment, and rewire your subconscious mind to create lasting, automatic change in the way you experience and live your life! 

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