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About the Founder

David's path to Starting Mental Freedom

Founder of Mental Freedom, David Jones, had severe anxiety for years that completely ruled his life and stopped him from finding the happiness, peace, and confidence that he yearned for. Through his social anxiety, general anxiety, perfectionism, religious scrupulosity, and more, he felt completely hopeless, trapped, and like an outcast that would never live a life he wanted or enjoyed. It became so bad that one day he decided he was done letting anxiety rule his life and he would find a way to overcome his anxiety no matter what it took. 


From years of relentlessly researching neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and religious teachings and learning from the greats like Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, and more, he was able to do just that. His results were so incredible that he felt it his moral obligation to all of the people struggling as he had, to share these strategies. Consequently, he spent two years putting everything he had learned into a step by step process that anyone can follow to find the same results that he had and has become obsessed with sharing this process with as many people as possible in order to accomplish his life mission of creating a world where everyone wakes up excited to face the day because they have the power and freedom to experience life the way they want to, free from anxiety, and have the tools necessary to create the self and life that they dream of!

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