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Why Mental Freedom Coaching?


  • Average of $130/Session

  • Takes years before achieving lasting results and total freedom from anxiety

  • Doesn't have to get results. They will still get clients and make money regardless because they are a "certified therapist"

Mental Freedom Coaching

  • Just $75/Session (Almost half the price!)

  • More results in 1 session than months of therapy or money back!

  • Get rid of the anxiety, don't just make it more manageable! (In just months)

  • Will do whatever it takes to get you the results you want!

Why is it so hard to get rid of anxiety and find something that actually brings lasting change?

Why does typical therapy oftentimes have limited results or take such a long time to see the desired changes?

David wondered those same questions until through his findings, was able to achieve incredible results and overcome his anxiety!

Through the strategies David discovered, he confirmed that if you have anxiety you can actually:

Find deep and lasting results where the anxiety isn't just more manageable, but is actually gone.

Experiencing anxiety is a rare and unexpected thing that you have the tools to handle in a way that it doesn't even phase you.

Rewire your brain to automatically feel confident, free, and happy in situations that had triggered anxiety in the past.

You are able to quickly and easily turn things around to feel and think the way you want.

Anxiety is removed so completely from your life that its difficult to even remember what the anxiety used to be like.

You are in love with the person you are and the way you experience life!

​You'll also learn how to:

  • Handle and get through any panic attacks.

  • Understand what causes emotional suffering and how to create wholeness instead. 

  • Create any new belief or emotional state 

  • Stop feeling trapped and develop a powerful sense of hope for the future.

  • Overcome insecurity and gain massive confidence.  

  • Learn what motivates and directs all of your thoughts and actions.     

  • Learn how your brain works and use the knowledge to excel at anything in life.                                            

  • Excel in your career and build stronger relationships, free from anxiety holding you back.                  

  • And MORE!                                                                                                                                                               

A course for any one of these could genuinely be worth THOUSANDS because of the value added to your life. If you watch our FREE Webinar today we will give you the video course with all of these included for just $297! Or schedule your first session of 1-on-1 coaching for just $75!    

7 Steps to Overcome Anxiety:
Taught in Detail in the Course and Coaching


Develop belief, motivation, and take action applying the things you learn. 


Deconstruct the anxiety. Let go and unwire it from your subconscious.


Learn about psychology, anxiety, what causes it, and how to use that knowledge.


Create new emotions, beliefs, and experiences you want. Memorize these into your subconscious mind.


Create a Vision that works.


Secret ingredient that gives massive power to rewiring your subconscious and having an incredible life.

#7 Create lasting results through immersion, exposure, and implementation!

- How to access Christ's healing and redeeming power to help you through all of these steps.

- Plus bonuses (how to handle panic attacks in the moment, etc.)

Debunking Anxiety
  • Anxiety is stored by beliefs and emotions in the subconscious mind, meaning anxiety is caused automatically and beyond our conscious awareness.

  • These subconscious patterns of anxiety affect our thoughts, emotions, and moment-to-moment experiences.

  • However, David discovered the most powerful strategies to let go of the anxiety and create the thoughts and emotions the person wants as stronger and more real than the anxious ones.

  • He also figured out the best methods to help people wire those new thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, into their subconscious mind until they are memorized in the place of the anxious ones.

  • These strategies vary greatly from therapy. 

Image by Karl Edwards

David experienced anxiety for years. He went through the entire journey of overcoming anxiety that he will take you on. He knows what obstacles and challenges you will face, and just how difficult, intrusive, and powerful the thoughts and emotions are.

Nadhia doing what she enjoys most - laug

Consequently, David was able to create the best strategies and exercises in every situation and step along the way. He didn't just learn the information to pass a test, he learned information that actually works because it had to work.





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