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Our Mission!

As a child I was sexually assaulted which led to 14 years of intense OCD and Anxiety making me feel worthless, trapped, and like there was always something (or many things) wrong with me that made me unlovable. I have been in the darkest places- I have wanted to die. I have been convinced I was going crazy. I have felt the consuming power of intrusive thoughts ruling my mind making me feel like a horrible person. I have had almost every insecurity imaginable. I have felt my dreams that i have given my entire soul to, come crashing down repeatedly. I have been unable to work, unable to date, and unable to have real happiness. I have felt the soul consuming fear towards things most people can do without a second thought. I have felt broken and alone like I was the only one feeling this way. I have sobbed uncontrollably and questioned whether I had any meaning and if there was any hope. 

When I learned the information, strategies, and unlocked the power all people have inside of them, I was finally able to make it to the other side of all of this faster and with more power than I ever dreamed of! I know how blessed I have been by God to be able to transform my life in such a life and soul saving way, and I do not take it lightly. I was blessed enough to learn things that helped me so much even when therapy and traditional treatments couldn't and I have now committed my life to spreading this power, freed, and joy every person can have when they learn and apply the same methods I have! While there are still people trapped and and unable to experience all of the love and freedom they dream of, my work is not finished. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish this and that is all there is to it. 

Ultimately, I will rely on God and give all glory to Him, knowing I am nothing without Him and all of the good I do is only through and for Him!

- David Jones, Founder and Coach at Mental Freedom

Our Promise

We believe there is nothing too big for God when people commit to doing whatever it takes to accomplish something that is good and vitally important. We dream of a world where people live their lives free, confident, empowered, and in love! We will stop at nothing to see this accomplished. This is our commitment to everyone reading this that no matter our flaws, no matter the obstacles that try to stand in our way, no matter the pain, no matter the efforts required, we will stop at NOTHING to create this world we dream of!

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