Learn how David went from having panic attacks and so much anxiety he thought he was going crazy, to overcoming most of the anxiety in just weeks! 
Find out how David helps people conquer their anxiety
when nothing else has worked.

Conquer Your Anxiety and
Live Free Today!

Why Mental Freedom Coaching?

"5 stars isn't enough..... I wish I could give him so many more... absolutely amazing! I've have talked to many therapists and they have never gave the insight, energy , passion that David did.. my next anxiety/panic attack doesn't stand a chance THANK YOU"

                - Shaun


"I went to 7 sessions of therapy and just 30 minutes with David has helped me so much more than all of that!"


                   - Gabe

"He has helped me to make improvements in my life that I have been trying to make for years."

                 - Helen

"I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for years and have tried many different therapists. Nothing has helped as much as David. Those other counselors only teach coping mechanisms but David has taught me how to heal."

               - McKenna

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