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Have you tried ERP and other traditional treatments for your OCD but found accepting the things you are most terrified of, almost IMPOSSIBLE? 

If traditional treatment hasn't worked for you it is not because you are BROKEN or forever TRAPPED, it is because traditional treatments only contain part of the answer.

You can gain POWER over your OCD to change your emotional experience at any moment, and design your subconscious to THINK and FEEL how you want to as your new normal! 
Gain Power Over Your OCD and Re-Design Your Brain for Lasting Healing
(when ERP/Traditional Treatments haven't worked)

Your Freedom from OCD is 
One Decision Away 

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10 to 7 Program:

If your OCD is extremely severe, affects your daily functioning, and you see no way out- this program is designed, not to get rid of your OCD, but to get you to that 7 where you are no longer totally consumed and trapped at such an intense level.. 

Power Over OCD Program 2.0

If your OCD is at a level 1-7 intensity this program will teach you everything you need for total power over your OCD. It will give you the ability to rewire your subconscious and create lasting healing and freedom so you can experience life you way you dream of!

"5 stars isn't enough..... I wish I could give him so many more... absolutely amazing! I've have talked to many therapists and they have never gave the insight, energy , passion that David did.. my next anxiety/panic attack doesn't stand a chance THANK YOU"

                - Shaun


I can really recommend anyone struggling getting out of OCD/ anxiety to reach out to David and give this a chance. There is hope! Real FREEDOM... Thank you, David! I feel so much gratitude towards working with you, it's just what I needed at the right time!


                   - Sandra

Before joining the program I tried talk therapy, ERP, and ACT. Although these taught me really great skills, they didn't totally free me... Well David is exactly what I needed - his strategies and knowledge has helped empower me way more... If you are feeling stuck in ERP or other traditional therapies, give this a shot!

                 - Hannah

"I have been struggling for years and have tried many different therapists. Nothing has helped as much as David. Those other counselors only teach coping mechanisms but David has taught me how to heal."

               - McKenna

Why Mental Freedom Coaching?

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